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Instaflex is a product that is delineated by its uncommon formula that leads to an extremely effective and safe method of easing pain. For many of my patients, this is a significant part of my multimodal pain plan, said Dr. Pergolizzi. It is a prerogative to offer Instaflex Pain Relief Cream in GNC shops to make it more accessible to the people.

A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial found Instaflex Pain Relief Cream to be nearly 100% more powerful in relieving pain than a comparable conditioner made from menthol alone. It’s a safer option for people aspiring to ease the pain while staying active without the risks and side effects associated with over-the-counter pain relievers.

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Instaflex Pain Relief Cream is accessible at some GNC stores, as well as in the catalog and on the Healthy Directions website.

About Adaptive Health: Adaptive Health, LLC, formerly known as Direct Digital, is a leader in science-based product development and has a broad portfolio of science-based brands for nutritional well-being, including Instaflex, Nugenix, Peptiva, and Lumiday.

The company was renamed Adaptive Health after the addition of Healthy Directions in December 2017. With Healthy Directions’ broad portfolio of products and comprehensive medical and medical advice, it contributes to the company’s long-standing commitment to science and discovery. The Instaflex can be your answer if you are striving to get rid of your joint pain.